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     Category: Fiction.

     Genre(s): Horror, fantasy, humor.

     Maturity: Mild violence. Sexual reference. Recommended for young adults and older.

     Original Release Date: March 2010.

     Length: About 9,500 words.

Description and Opening Lines

     New York Times bestselling author Aaron Allston brings you Dead But Hostile, a mini-collection of three short stories (Dead Snowmen, Hostile Takeover, and Mikey's Coming Home) about revenge.

     Sam Washburn killed all those snowmen, so it’s only fair that a snowman sent him up the river.

     The man who wanted to be her master tried a second time. “It’s supposed to be a white cat, isn’t it?”
     This time she did not attempt to ignore him. She stroked Reuben, the frog in her lap, heard him utter a protracted breeeeep of protest. Then she looked across the dining room table at the man. “What do you mean?”

     Mikey’s grimace broadened his thin face and lent it a skull-like aspect. He gave the driver beside him a look that begged for mercy. “Can we please not die just going to the airport?”

     In addition to the short stories, the collection includes author's notes on each story.


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